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Image Insights: Teaching Opportunity Identification

Lesson Plan
Source: Teaching Entrepreneurship

This article is a collaboration with Jennifer Capps for interdisciplinary entrepreneurial thinkers at any level. It can be easily adjusted in terms of difficulty and lessons learned to meet the needs of undergraduate or graduate students, business or humanities students, scientists or artists, etc. Jennifer has used this exercise successfully with groups ranging from 20-100 participants.

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New Zealand's Rise as a Tech Giant

Source: Hello World

This episode of "Hello World" offers a window into just how good New Zealand technology has become. Ashlee Vance covers the country's North Island, stretching from Auckland to the southern port and capital of Wellington - the home of Peter Jackson's movie making empire and an incredible hotbed of effects artistry.

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Teaching Without a Textbook

Lesson Plan
Source: Teaching Entrepreneurship 

Textbooks and lectures are the antithesis to an engaging entrepreneurship classroom. You already know the entrepreneurship mindset is best developed through experience. In fact, you’ve probably already incorporated a number of experiences into your course, and noticed how your students are more engaged than when you lecture. Which begs the question: What if you replaced all your lectures with activities?