Our Priority Areas

The 21C Skills Lab is a space for designing, developing, testing and rolling out solutions to the big issues around how our education system can transform to better meet the 21C needs of young people and employers.

We are a “lab”, where the people who understand the issues best come together to dive deep into the challenges, create new solutions, prototype and test them rigorously, and share them across the system – sometimes called social innovation.

Our work is focused around priority areas we think underpin educational transformation. In each area, we work through a design process to come up with one or more projects we see as having game-changing potential. For each of these projects, we bring together partners and helpers with the skills and resources we need, and who share our passion for change.

We currently have three priority areas, with one or more projects under each.

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Priority 1

Assessing 21C skills

For our education system to focus meaningfully on developing student 21C skills, we must have both a clear idea of what these skills are and how to measure them.