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How do we embed 21C skills?

We work with young people, educators and parents to ensure 21C skills are understood, taught, assessed, developed and advocated for.

Four Critical Audiences

Four personas each with an icon representing young people, teachers, parents and employers. Each category has a blurb underneath it explaing who the critical audiences are for 21st Century Skills

Five stages of intervention and support

We work along the development pathway to ensure that young people understand the 21C skills they need and how they are currently doing; develop specific skills they are not yet demonstrating; showcase their skills to employers and others; and navigate the start of a career journey in an area which fits their interests and strengths.

Five circles representing understand, assess, develop, showcase and support choices. Each circle is blue, pink, dark green, yellow and orange. Each circle has it's own shape on the top like a circle, triangle, hexagon, star and square.

An aligned movement

To create meaningful and sustainable change, we work across the education, business and policy sectors to align vision and efforts.

One big circle in the middle with four circles, two on the left and two on the right. Each circle has a blurb inside with the titles Organisational Partners, Tertiary Partner, Learning Partners and school partners.