Building educator capability

Transforming our education system will require a step-change in the capability of teachers.

Right now in New Zealand, almost half of our teachers are over 50 years old, with more than 1 in 5 over 60. Many teachers – young and old – have never experienced a career outside of teaching. Whilst some innovative schools have worked hard to build teacher links with business and the community, many teachers have little or no contact with the world of work.

We need an educator workforce that can truly understand the 21C skills that young people will need to thrive in the new world of work and develop those skills across all subject-areas, support learning in a way that shows students the career relevance of the knowledge and skills they are building, and bring down the walls between the classroom and the community.

Building this workforce will require a significant focus on teacher capability – both in initial teacher education and in ongoing professional learning and development. It will require businesses and other employers to get alongside schools and teachers in a way that is strategic, sustainable and universal.

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ChangeLeader Programme

Commencing Feb 2018
The 21C Skills Lab ChangeLeader Programme empowers educators to design, develop and test innovative new programmes to build 21C skills in their own schools.


Teacher Edturnships

Commencing mid 2018
The 21C Skills Lab is in the initial stages of developing a teacher edturnship programme designed to ensure that teachers understand through their own experience the 21C skills that are important in the workplace, and can incorporate these learnings into their teaching to engage and inspire their students.