21C Skills Lab: ChangeLeader Programme

The 21C Skills Lab ChangeLeader Programme is a premiere action learning experience for passionate educators who are ready to step up in their leadership journey and drive positive change. It empowers educators to design, develop and test innovative new programmes to build 21C skills in their own schools and institutions.

The 6 month programme started in late February and concluding in late August 2018 will be a stand out learning experience, bringing  together  educators from schools, tertiaries and communities of learning.


The ChangeLeader programme will be led by Dave Faulkner, CEO and Co-Founder of Education Changemakers, together with Justine Munro and Faye Langdon, Co-Founders and Co-Directors of 21C Skills Lab.

We will be joined on our workshops by leading New Zealand education innovators, as well as business people and other leaders able to share with educators how 21C skills look in their workplaces, and how they go about building these skills in young people in a work environment.


Participation in the ChangeLeader Programme  will cost each school $10,000 plus GST  each for up to four staff to attend, invoiced upfront. 


  • Up to 4 empowered educators with increased capability to interpret data, design and test skills-focused interventions and lead change in your school or CoL's context
  • Up to 4 new, tested 21C skills development programmes designed for your school or CoL's needs, and access to many more being tested in other Auckland schools and internationally
  • Students excited and empowered by understanding their skills in a new way as well as developing them, including through real-world experience
  • Opportunities for partnerships and collaboration across schools and across the 21C Skills Lab’s corporate, government and other learning partners
  • Ongoing access to leading global researchers and practitioners working with schools internationally on 21C skills assessment and development

Through the programme, educators will:

  • Identify key areas where they want to build student 21C skills, informed by their organisation’s Tessera results and its overall strategic plan. 
  • Define, ideate and rapidly prototype initiatives focused on this, with the support of employer organisations and resourced by a large range of research on interventions which have had impact globally. 
  • Test out one or more of the most promising initiatives in their own organisation, working together or separately
  • Iterate and refine their projects.
  • Build new skills around leading and driving change, including how to make change sticky and sustainable, and able to scale. Through the programme, teachers will learn and practice a design thinking approach (a critical 21C skill in itself) and will support each other's learning in a facilitated community, as well as being mentored by experienced education innovators. As a community of innovators, our ChangeLeader programme will generate a powerful resource for each other - and schools/institutions  which come on board next - to draw upon.

The programme centres around 3 workshops, with unlimited strategy and coaching meetings in between workshops and access to resources through an online learning community. To reinforce the face to face learning we also provide access to all our resources through an online learning community. Participants can step through individual learning at their own pace, engage in group learning, or receive timely support from our lead facilitators. 

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Workshop One

26/27 Feb 2018 - AUT
The initial two day workshop focused on giving the participants the tools needed to identify 21C and SEL skills learning challenges and innovate powerful solutions to them. We engaged with concepts related to strategy, innovation, prototyping, leadership, impact assessment and change theory. An inspiring and often emotional journey, this is where we build the foundation to underpin the work that we do alongside the participants over the 6 month programme. The programme was highly action focused and all participants launched a change project to meet an identified 21C skills challenge in their unique education setting. This workshop inspires and enables participants to walk away ready to launch a project. 

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Workshop Two

24/25 May 2018 - AUT
In our second two day workshop we focus on giving the participants the tools that they need to lead, and drive positive changes within schools. Participants also re-engage with, and make improvements to, their change projects, accessing support from the lead facilitators as well as the collective genius of the group.

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Workshop Three

31 August 2018 - AUT
In our final one day workshop we focus on teaching the tools needed to make change sticky and sustainable. Participants engage with further leadership principles and scale strategy as well as engaging with the communication tools needed to share these ideas with other schools and jurisdictions. This workshop closes with a celebration of the positive changes that have been created, with the participants creating learning opportunities for each other.

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